Vantage: Authorised Applicators of Pro Dipper

Vantage now offers its customer a high-quality, professionally applied vehicle dip, developed by Pro Dipper, providing a cost-effective alternative to a full vehicle wrap.

Vantage’s highly skilled team, trained by Pro Dipper, can apply this innovative Plasti Dip spray vehicle coating creating a quality, long-life vehicle finish, in the widest range of colours and finishes.

Vantage has invested in a new 2000 square foot spray room to apply the coating at its premises in Telford, Shropshire.

Vantage offers a complete range of interior and exterior products to undertake a complete light commercial vehicle conversion.  The Pro Dipper coating can be offered as part of a full vehicle conversion or as an independent service.  Pro Dipper is a popular service for van fleet operators who can secure competitively priced white vans quickly, making Pro Dipper the perfect solution to offer end-users a variety of colour options.  As the coating is fully removable it is also a ideal solution for rental fleet operators.

Learn More About Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip has been manufactured in the USA since 1972 and was first used to coat tool handles to provide grip. Plasti Dip UK, based in Hampshire has been importing and supplying top quality Plasti Dip products for over 30 years.

Plasti Dip is a rubberised protective coating that can be sprayed, painted or dipped onto a wide range of materials including metal, wood and glass, which is now available as Pro Dipper for vehicle coatings.