Vantage is part of the Rhino dealer network and are authorised suppliers and fitters of Rhino roof racks, roof bars, ladder restraints and accessories.

The Rhino products we supply and fit include:

Aluminium Roof Racks

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Rhino’s Aluminium Racks are made from a combination of Aluminium and advanced polymer based composites, this makes them tough, but also 25% lighter than steel made alternatives. These roof are also corrosion resistant and durable.

This popular and practical product from Rhino is sleek and modern and combines strength, aesthetics and aerodynamics to create a rack that not only looks good but also gets the job done.

Rhino Aluminium Roof Racks include the following features:

Vantage can fit this Rhino roof rack to most modern commercial vehicles, it fits to the manufacturer’s mounting points therefore there is no drilling required.

Modular Roof Racks

The Modular Rack from Rhino is a fully welded, heavy-duty system that allows quick and easy installation using bolted together modular sections.

The rack includes a full width front aerofoil that significantly reduces overall wind noise and drag as well as a full width roller system that aids loading and unloading.

All racks enable the transportation of 8′ x 4′ boards.

Delta Roof Bars Systems

This roof bar system from Rhino is designed to be fuel-efficient. It combines the benefits of a modern aerodynamic profile shape to minimise wind noise and significantly reduce fuel consumption.

These roof bars are strong but light and are manufactured using light tensile-alloyed steel.

Kambarrs (Roof Bars)

KammBar® is the latest evolution in roof bar design from Rhino, and can be fitted by Vantage to all of Europe’s leading commercial vehicles.

Developed by Rhino using the latest technologies in design and manufacturing, and inspired by the work of Professor Wunibald Kamm, Rhino has produced one of the most aerodynamic bar profiles to date. The advanced aerodynamics don’t stop with the bar design, as Rhino has also developed a new shaped load stop to work in conjunction with the KammBar®.

Two pairs of load stops are supplied with the KammBar® systems.

The KammBar® provides a great combination of strength and practicality. Manufactured from anodised aluminium and coated with an anti-corrosive finish.

Kambarr Roller (Roof Bars)

To complement the KammBar® system Rhino Products has introduced a Rear Roller System to fit to the bars to aid loading and unloading whilst protecting the rear of the vehicle.

SafeStow3 Ladder Restraints

The latest evolution of Rhino’s SafeStow® product makes loading and unloading ladders onto light commercial vehicles faster easier and safer than ever before. Three versions are available to carry single, double (two parallel) and extra-wide ladders.

The SafeStow ladder restraints are multi gas ram assisted eliminating the need to lift up/down heavy ladders, significantly reducing potential lifting injuries.

SafeStow is:

LadderStow Ladder Restraints

The LadderStow™ from Rhino provides a safe, quick and easy way of loading/un-loading ladders for low roof commercial vehicles – all from the convenient and safe area behind the vehicle.

Rhino’s unique design allows for quick and easy ergonomic loading with efficient low friction sliders. The LadderStow™ ensures that you do not have to climb onto the vehicle any more.

SafeClamp Ladder Restraints

SafeClamp® from Rhino incorporates strength, speed and style to provide a revolutionary ladder clamping system. It uses a composite beam structure and stainless steel anchor hook that offers high strength whilst providing excellent corrosion resistance.

The innovative one touch clamping method ensures that the operation is 5 times faster than traditional screw-down ladder clamps.


The SafeStep™ from Rhino combines a solution for areas surrounding health and safety when loading / unloading roof mounted equipment or gaining access in or out of a vehicle.

The SafeStep™ can provide drivers with peace of mind with optional reversing sensor.


The new TowStep™ from Rhino features a unique user friendly removable centre section, allowing the user to attach and detach their trailer effortlessly in a matter of seconds.This feature allows trailers to complete an impressive industry leading turning angle of 110 degrees.

The TowStep™ can be fitted trouble-free to any flange type TowBar.

Rear Door Ladder

These rear door ladders from Rhino have been designed with user-friendly round hand rails and anti-slip tread plates to enhance safety.


The PipeTube incorporates strength, style and security to provide the best method of transporting copper pipe, conduit or similarly lengthy materials.

Innovative design and high specification materials have ensured the PipeTube has passed a rigorous testing process. The PipeTube design enables the transportation of up to 50 x 15mm copper tubes or similar materials.


Rhino Delta bars have been designed to keep your load secure. At 16cm high, with a quick release system, these superb load stops will fit both Rhino Delta bars and the Modular rack but not the Aluminium rack.

Rear roller system

The Rear Roller System attaches on to the rear Delta Bar and provides an easy way to load and unload onto the bar area whilst protecting the rear of the vehicle. The Rear Roller is available in various widths to accommodate all vehicle sizes.

Vantage are expert fitters of Rhino products and will be happy to recommend and advise clients on the most suitable product from Rhino.