Speedliner Van Lining

SPEEDLINER van lining, a spray on protective liner that offers a long-lasting, durable, hygienic, washable & waterproof finish.

Vantage is an authorised supplier and applier of SPEEDLINER Europe, a spray on protective van liner that offers a long-lasting, durable, washable and waterproof van lining. It is ideal if you are looking for a seamless, impenetrable van lining.

SPEEDLINER can be applied directly to the vehicle interior or applied over ply lining if required for extra protection and insulation, making it the perfect solution for the transport of animals.

SPEEDLINER is available in over 25 stock colours, however, specific colours can be created to meet the clients exact requirement.

Not only will this heavy-duty spray on lining protect your van walls and ceiling it can also be prepared with additives and aggregates to create an anti-slip floor coating for your van, making it the perfect surface for mobile workshops.

SPEEDLINER is also the ideal solution when legislation dictates that your van requires load area cleaning and washing capabilities to meet specific vehicle hygiene requirements. With the ever increasing public concern over MRSA, E-coli and salmonella infection and contamination and the health risks they pose, using a tough, antimicrobial-active vehicle interior lining system such as SPEEDLINER EURO HC® is the answer in the battle against bacterial and fungal invasion.

Vantage has successfully applied SPEEDLINER to vans used in the widest range of sectors including health, local government, hygiene, laundry, cleaning, refuse and food industries.