Responding to the increase in complexity of van conversions, Vantage has invested in Cadtek SOLIDWORKS – a software package to assist with the design of complex van interiors.

By using Cadtek SOLIDWORKS Vantage can demonstrate the vehicle conversion solution in a series of 3D renderings and animations that are photorealistic, allowing the customer to accurately access that the conversion will meet their needs.

The flexibility of the design package allows Vantage to quickly create any geometry including complex shapes and continuous curved surfaces. The new design software combined with Vantage’s experience will improve the accurate assessment of whether the proposed vehicle conversion design is fit for purpose, saving time and money.

If you would like to discuss your van conversion call Vantage Vehicle Conversions on 01952 680433, we will be delighted to create your perfect van conversion interior using our SOLIDWORKS 3D design solution.


SOLIDWORKS is a comprehensive 3D design solution with powerful simulation, motion and design validation tools, allowing users to test product performance against real life motion and forces.