At Vantage Vehicle Conversions we know that purchasing a good quality racking system for your van, like Tevo racking can be a great long term investment, as it can be easily removed from one van, and fitted to another.  An important consideration if you’re thinking of leasing a new van.

Adrian Ball from Ball Industries, a tool and fasteners supplier based in the West Midlands, had his delivery van fitted out by Vantage with Tevo racking back in 2016, two years later and it’s been refitted to his new van…

Adrian commented:

‘the Tevo racking was like new so I was keen to have it refitted to my replacement van, the flexible nature of the racking made it easy to refit, with only a minor alteration, saving me thousands of pounds.  I’m confident that with the quality and fitting of the racking that it will be able to take on to a third-life and beyond’.

About Tevo

Tevo van racking solutions are based on modules and are extremely flexible. All Tevo products are designed to withstand the forces they will be subjected to in a moving service vehicle and are therefore a robust solution for welfare vehicles and vehicles for a mobile workforce.  Van racking solutions include drawer units, drawer unit frames, end-sections, shelves, lockers and doors, work benches, panels and tool bars.

Vantage create bespoke racking designs that maximise the available space in the van, help protect goods and assist with the efficient packing of materials.