Vehicle Tracking Systems

As part of your van conversion Vantage can install a vehicle tracking system – a valuable tool in the effective management of your fleet or lone workers.

Managing Risk

Knowing where your workers are and what they do with your work vehicle is an important part of managing road-related risk. Should an incident occur, through your vehicle tracking data the business can provide relevant evidence. Furthermore, knowing that a vehicle is being tracked is also often a deterrent to drivers using the vehicle for unauthorised/private mileage.

Vehicle tracking systems also allow you to identify high-risk drivers defined by their driving behaviour as excessive speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and engine idling detection, are monitored.

Increasing Productivity

By effectively using the data provided by your vehicle tracking system a business can see a complete picture of its vehicle usage, identifying vehicle and driver under-utilisation and unauthorised usage. This information allows businesses to make informed decisions that improve efficiency.

Vehicle tracking systems can:

Saving Money and the Environment

Making informed decisions based on your vehicle tracking date will make your fleet more environmentally friendly by:

To learn more about how a vehicle tracking device can be fitted as part of your van conversion please contact Vantage by email or please call us on 01952 680433.